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Prof. Li Jin

Vice President
Director of Human Phenome Institute
Fudan-Haoqing Distinguished Professor
Doctoral Supervisor
Fudan University, China

Portrait of Senior Woman




Dr. Li Jin is the Vice President of Fudan University and Director of Human Phenome Institute Fudan University. He systematically investigated the genetic diversity of human population, including genetic structure, population differentiation, migration route, population mixing and environmental adaptation of East Asians. He also studied the complex evolutionary relationship among gene-phenotype-environment and the evolutionary mechanisms underlying the human phenome.
He received his doctoral degree in genetics from the University of Texas and is an academician of
the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is an external member of Max-Planck Society and served as a board member of Human Genome Organization (HUGO). He is a co-organizer of the Pan-Asian SNP Program, a co-founder and board member of International Human Phenome Consortium (IHPC), and a co-founder of CAS-MPG Partner Institute of Computational Biology, National Center of Human Genome at Shanghai, and Fudan Taizhou Institute of Health Sciences.
He has been awarded the Chen Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement by HUGO, the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Award for Science and Technology Achievement, Second Prize for National Natural Science Award (twice) among others. He serves as editorial board member for nine international academic journals, and he is the Vice President of the Chinese Anthropological Society and Genetics Society of China.

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