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Keynote Speakers

The keynote speakers list is ordered alphabetically

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EIC of OJEMB, Harvard Medical School

Using Mobile Health Technology to Inform the Clinical Management of Patients with Neurological Conditions

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Kannie CHAN

Associate Director of COCHE, City University of Hong Kong

MR imaging of molecules and vasculature in the brain

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Research Fellow of RAE, OCC Fellow in AI & ML
University of Oxford, Associate Director of COCHE

ML for Pandemics

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FIAMBE, FIEEE, EIC of JBHI, University of Ioannina

In Silico Clinical Trials: the BVS paradigm

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Andrew LAINE

FIAMBE, FIEEE, former President of IEEE-EMBS,
Columbia University

Data Harmonization: An Imaging-driven omics database / repository on COVID survivors for retrospective understanding of COVID disease and planning for future care.

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Biomedical Engineering Advances in COVID-19 Times

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Qingming LUO

FAIMBE, CAS Academician, President of HNU, Hainan University

Visualizing Brain-wide Networks at Single-Neuron Resolution with Micro-Optical Sectioning Tomography

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Xiaochuan PAN

FIAMBE, FAIMBE, FIEEE, EIC of T-BME, University of Chicago

Imaging-Based Intraoperative Assessment of Specimen Tumor Margin in Breast Conserving Surgery

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Peng SHI

Professor, City University of Hong Kong

Spatial-temporal epigenetic profiling based on high-throughput single cell Intracellular biopsy

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Mondal TAPAS

McMaster University, Canada

Wearable Sensors and Systems with CVD Applications

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Renjie ZHOU

Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Single-frame Label-free Cell Tomography for High Throughput 3D Image Cytometry Applications

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Yihai CAO

Foreign Academician of CAE
Professor of Vascular Biology, Karolinska Institute

Targeting angiogenesis for disease therapy: Approaching
clinical issues of cardiovascular disease

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Shih-chi CHEN

Member of ASME, ASPE, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Recent advances in two-photon microscopy for studying cardiovascular diseases

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Jamal DEEN

FIEEE, FRSC, FCAE, McMaster University

Wearable Sensors and Systems with CVD Applications

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Bee Luan KHOO

Innovator under 35 by the MIT Technology Review, City University of Hong Kong

Microfluidic tools for disease detection

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FIEEE, FAIMBE, Chair-elect of IAMBE, Former President of IEEE-EMBS
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Molecular Imaging with Spins: A Marriage of Quantum Mechanics with Machine Learning to Achieve High Resolution

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Jian LU

FHKAES, Former VPRT of CityU, City University of Hong Kong

Nanostructured materials and 3D/4D printing for biomedical applications

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Alison NOBLE

University of Oxford
Co-Director of CO

Simplifying ultrasound – progress and the opportunities in fetal echocardiography

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Dinggang SHEN

FIEEE, FAIMBE, FIAPR, FMICCAI, Dean of BME, Shanghai Tech University, Shanghai United Imaging Intelligence Co., Ltd.

AI based Medical Image Reconstruction

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Dong SUN

FCAE, FIEEE, Chair of BME, City University of Hong Kong

Towards Microrobot Delivery for Targeted Therapy

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Xinge YU

Innovator under 35 by the MIT Technology Review, City University of Hong Kong

Skin-integrated electronics for VR/AR

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Tingting ZHU

RAE Fellow, University of Oxford

AI for Time-series Patient monitoring and Risk Prediction

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